Satellite Workshop - 24th September - 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm - cost 100 PLN (30 EUR)



Trusted to Lead

Workshop for Innovators, Researchers, and Discoverers in BioMedicine

Why is this Workshop Important?

  • New discoveries and developments in biomedicine rely almost entirely on collaborative innovation – within scientific teams, across organizations, or within alliances.  
  • Trust is the essential the foundation of all collaborative innovation.
  • Having strong trust can increase creative solutions and expedite experiments and discoveries by 25% or even more.
  • However, for most scientists, technicians, and managers, Trust is “mysterious,” often referred to as “chemistry.” This has been a “soft” aspect of relationships and management, filled with conflicting advice, platitudes, and seemingly vague or fuzzy methods and processes.
  • Years of in-depth work in building, managing, and repairing collaborative ventures has culminated in an Architecture of Trust that will produce highly effective internal and cross-boundary relationships.
  • This breakthrough trust architecture can be systematically imple­mented replicated, diagnosed, and taught to executives, scientists, and technical people, to produce consistent results.


What Benefits Can I Expect?

During this Workshop you will:

  • Discover the Economic Costs of Distrust and the real value of Trust
  • Understand how Four Forces Drive All Of Human Behavior, and how these forces can either destroy or build trust
  • Identify the Primary Causes Of Distrust, and the Seven Typical Trust “Busters” that can be prevented or eliminated
  • Become attuned to Why Mission Statements, Values, & Ethics have a Limited Impact on building trust, and instead what is highly effective
  • Be able to Recognize People that will either be highly capable of sustaining trust, or will destroy it time and again
  • Learn the Early Warning Signals that will enable you to foresee trust problems before they escalate and specific intervention methods to rebuild Trust.
  • Apply the Twelve Actions that reliably Build Trust
  • Accelerate the Speed of Innovation of that can be produced by trust


Half Day Workshop:  What Topics will be Covered?


Via this practical, interactive half-day workshop you will learn how and why to build trust quickly. These key topic areas will help address real issues you and your team are dealing with right Now!    



  • Number One (and most Frequent) Cause of Distrust – How to Detect and Correct It.
  • Economics of Trust: A Powerful and Simple Cost/Benefit Analysis Methodology
  • Why Values and Ethics Statements are have Limited Effect in building trust.
  • How Legal Agreements and Traditional Negotiations Drive Distrust
  • Leveraging the “Four Driving Forces of Human Behavior”-- Making Trust a Natural Act
  • Seven Types of Distrust and How to Prevent them
  • Seven Types of Trust, and How to Create and Build on Them
  • Use Three High Impact Engagement Tools to build strong Trust
  • Using Trust to Drive Innovation and Collaboration
  • Identifying and neutralizing the Untrustworthy at the earliest stage of interaction


  • Bonus: Twelve Most Effective Actions to Create Trust 


Who should Attend?


This Workshop has been extremely valuable to:



  • Scientific Collaborative Researcher Teams
  • Cross-boundary Innovation Teams
  • Senior Executives and Boards of Directors
  • Team, Project, and Organizational Leaders
  • Strategic Alliance Professionals
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Professionals
  • Licensing, Negotiations and Contract Managers
  • Human Resource Professionals
  • Mediators and Peace Makers


Workshop Leader:


Robert Porter Lynch is widely regarded as one of the leading experts in the field of strategic alliances and collaborative innovation. Using these unique experiences, he and his colleague, Paul R. Lawrence, Harvard Professor Emeritus in Organization Behavior, have spent years seeking to “crack the trust code.” They spent several years scouring scientific studies, testing best practices, and studying ancient wisdom about trust. The result has been a breakthrough in framing a practical means to create a high level of trust that unleashes human energy and collaborative creativity. The discovery and development of many heretofore unpublicized frameworks, processes, best practices, and insights are now producing remarkable results.

Robert has written several of the seminal books on collaboration and alliances. More than 25,000 senior level executives and managers have attended his workshops and coaching sessions.

He has consulted internationally for a very wide variety of Fortune 500 corporate clients in the bio-tech, pharmaceutical, energy, and consumer products industries, as well as with many small businesses, not-for-profits, and government agencies.


What Others have Said About This Workshop: 


  • “The first breakthrough on trust I've seen in years”  -- Chairman of Business School
  • “Our executive team is giving this top priority because it works” – Senior VP
  • “Our team can't stop talking about it ‐‐ it's having a profound effect” – Senior Director
  • “Most compelling and insightful framework” – Business School Professor
  • “If I’d had this earlier in my career, it’d saved me millions of dollars” – Senior Exec
  • “Thank you for explaining what had always been a mystery to me” – Senior Director
  • “My whole team is being reenergized” – Innovation Team Leader
  • “How could we have missed this ‐‐ it seems so obvious now that you've explained it so clearly” – Senior Executive
  • “Should be required reading for every MBA” – Business School Professor
  • “The next major step past win-win thinking” – Senior Mediator
  • “You must come back to present this to our senior executive team; it’ll make a major difference in the way they think and act” – Senior Director of Government
  • “Most practical & useable approach we’ve used. Can’t wait to see the whole book” – Supply Chain Director
  • “Not only is our team using this every day; I took it home and discussed with my wife and kids. Our lives are being shifted by the approach” – Director of Non-Profit
  • “The bad news is: I now see why our organization is so dysfunctional. The good news is: I now know exactly what I need to do to fix it!” – Senior Vice President
  • “Fabulous, this gave me insight into how I will withstand the onslaught of distrustful disruptions in my life” – Senior Account Mgr
  • “The Trust Workshop was truly a life-changing epiphany for me. It was awesome; and actual much more simple than I imagined. You made trust so easy to embrace. Thank you many times over!” – Senior Account Manager
  • “This was terrific – you really hit a home run on this” – Alliance Manager, Walt Disney Corporation
  • “Awesome – unquestionably the best session of our entire conference”--  CEO Software Security Company
  • “I got four big take-aways from this:
  • First, I now understand why trust has broken down so many times, and the role I inadvertently played.
  • Second, I feel empowered to take the right corrective action.
  • Third, I realize I can reclaim my birthright to trust – and that’s so inspiring.
  • And last, I won’t be naive and trust like a blind fool” – Senior Account Manager
  • “This session allowed me to address trust very early on in a relationship without the risk of letting the discussion get out of hand because it got too personal” – Insurance Executive
  • “We can now raise the trust issue without the fear that someone might go ballistic” – Alliance Manager
  • “Too often people complicate things and make it difficult to talk about it. You have simplified this issue without dumbing it down” – Insurance Executive
  • “Exhilarating and Inspiring … next break­through in human relationships. The ‘Architecture of Trust’ is a Grand Unifying Principle that makes sense of lots of seem­ingly disparate phenomenon and ideas” – Executive of Japanese Company in U.S.
  • “An eye-opener” – Procurement Manager